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This week we have the second upcoming Trump indictment, which has hit the alt media in a big way. The scuttlebutt is...

6/15/20233 min read

This week the US has the second upcoming Trump indictment, which has hit the alt media in a big way. The scuttlebutt is that this is a ploy to create precedent to bring about the necessary charges against the current regime. More about that below.

We have the "Canadian wildfire" effects, which blanketed most of the American East Coast and parts of the Midwest in a deep hazy, yellow and red smoke that does not relate to wildfires at all, but rather has been conjectured to be partly, if not completely due to ammonium nitrate, a shipment of which went missing in the not too recent past.

We also have the continuing Ukraine situation in which the Western taxpayer is funding a nefarious cesspool of Globalist swamp known to be the sex trafficking slush fund capital of the world, and in so doing antagonizing Russia and allegedly drawing us all towards cataclysmic war. I say allegedly, because there may be an underlying strategic plan to bring about awareness through this seriously precarious situation.

Simultaneously, we are due for a huge financial turnaround, which may or may not be a positive one depending on which side you listen to. One thing is for certain, we must stop the digital currency system at all cost. This does not mean cryptocurrencies. This is the system in that is tied to social credit scores in which every action will be controlled, monitored, and if not in alignment with the given narrative, blocked, with unknown consequences to the transgressors. Should you think this transgression applies to non-law abiding people and not to yourself, best not to forget that parents who oppose porn in elementary schools have been designated by the FBI as terrorists. We will become prisoners much like Mao's Communist China and other totalitarian regimes, in which our children, lives, and even our thoughts will no longer be our own.

As for the ruckuses that are erupting all over in which children are being used once again as a political whipping stick, in this case by pitting alarmed parents against pedophilic groomers, I ask you, who do you think has funded this so called movement? It traces back to Blackrock, aka Vanguard, the financial front of those controlling DC politics and what is known as the "Deep State." More to come about this. The ADL and other morally bankrupt institutions fronted by these deep state power-seeking globalists have deliberately created separate camps through an antagonizing disregard for moral principles, then pitting them against one another by designating sexual genuflectors as "heroes," and concerned parents as "terrorists." Does this not look deliberate to you? They did similar in Yugoslavia, which turned into a savage internecine war egged on by the Globalist West and which destroyed a sovereign nation.

We can not forget the rapid rise of brutal attacks brought about by the deliberate migration of illegal fighting age men with vastly different moral standards from the countries they are flooding. In a horrendous attack, a knife wielding Syrian at a French playground left multiple children and adults dead or wounded and severely traumatized.

Yet that is still not all for this week. We've now got multiple accounts of alien sightings and even backyard visits, which curiously, are now being reported by mainstream while reports like these have previously been buried. There is either real disclosure happening or a resurrection of the previously discarded Project Bluebeam in which a fake alien invasion is supposed to make us run to our captors and cry "save us" much as we did after 9/11, which ushered in a new regime of increasing totalitarian control.

Back to the charges against our current regime. Biden, aside from his flagrant abuse of classified documents, has with his family and associates been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be financially tied to Communist China and the Ukraine, and most probably involved in sex trafficking of minors. Worse will be revealed. Has Trump, with his declassified legal possession of documents allowed himself to be thrown under the bus in order to set the precedent for arrests and a final showdown? And possibly, does the evidence in the documents Trump held reveal the true and deep criminal workings of the Globalist State implicating the likes of the Obamas, Clintons, Bushes and more? We shall soon see.

Remember, those who know the truth can not be controlled.

Until next time,

Lane Keller, for Bright Mind Media


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