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A quick explanation...

6/14/20231 min read

When we created LifeSource it was to be a means of reversing the misinformation being perpetrated in the media, a voice for good that spread the truth and "light" so to speak, that had been missing from the universal daily experience.

We're not talking just about reversing the violence and unending stream of murders, hate, lies and negativity pouring forth from shows, news and film, but the not so secret homage to dark forces that are in direct violation to honoring love for life, our planet, each other, and our divine sources of guidance.

We live in high consciousness and spread truth through our actions, thoughts, and the loving energy we emit. LifeSource was to be--and is-- a conduit of truth, helping people to grasp sovereignty in all aspects of their lives. It became apparent in due time that in order to accomplish this on the multiple levels we envisioned that we needed to expand into other areas, which is how Bright Mind Media was born.

We have many exciting plans that we will share with you in the coming weeks. We ask for your involvement and feedback. Please tell us how we are doing. Vote, share, and join in wherever you can. This is a community based organization, funded on passion and desire to achieve the bright world we know is within our grasp.

A woman holding a heart
A woman holding a heart